SEASICK at Haulover Inlet

In this episode of Haulover Boats™ A wavy ocean at Haulover inlet, keeps most boaters away but the Haulover charter fleet pushes through the waves of the rough inlet. The opening shot of this video shows a happy group of guys running out to the fishing grounds off the coast of Miami, then the next clip shows one of the guys terribly seasick from the wavy ocean. In real time, this was about 1 hour from their exit to their return to Haulover.

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Boats in this video:
00:01 Contender Center Console
01:00 Tiara 43 Open AMADEUS
01:41 Edgewater 245CC
03:09 Sea Chaser Center Console
04:44 Tiara 43 Open AMADEUS
05:31 Lady Mitchell Haulover Sportfishing Charter
07:18 THERAPY IV Miami Sportfishing Charter
08:24 MUCHO K Miami Party Fishing Boat

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Seasick at Haulover Inlet