Boating Videos by ZipZapPOWER

Watch boating action in Miami, Florida. The Haulover Boats™ video series is filmed at Haulover Inlet in Bal Harbor, Florida.

ZipZapPOWER is the creator of the boating action compilation video genre on YouTube. We started in 2013, filming the boating action around Florida and focusing on Haulover Inlet. Since then we have published videos from many locations and events around the world. Many new YouTube channels have followed and make videos of the action at Haulover Inlet as well as boating at inlets around the world.

The man made inlet’s full name is Baker’s Haulover Inlet, likely named after Gardiner Baker who at this point on the beach in the early 1800’s would haul his boats over the shallow channel from the ocean to the northern end of Biscayne Bay.

Learn more about Haulover Inlet here: https://miami-history.com/news/bakers-haulover-purchased-in-1882/



Haulover Inlet is located in Miami, Florida, USA at the northern end of Miami Beach, between the towns of Bal Harbor and Sunny Isles. On the north side of the inlet is Haulover Beach Park and on the northern end of that is the famous Haulover Nude Beach. Directly to the west of the inlet is the world famous Haulover Sand Bar where many of the boats are going from and too on busy weekends.


There is a lot of boat traffic in Miami and Haulover Inlet, there are lots of places to go. Many boats exit the inlet to head to the fishing grounds off the coast. Some boats will cross over to the Bahamas to fish and play. Some boats will head north to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach for day trips and some boats will head south to Miami and the Florida Keys. There is also a passage north and south called the Intracoastal. It is a protected waterway that is used when conditions on the Atlantic Ocean won’t allow for a safe and comfortable passage to destinations north and south.


Haulover Inlet is a typical narrow inlet in southern Florida, it is actually not that bad compared to some other inlets on the east coast of the USA and nothing compared to other rough inlets around the world. What makes Haulover so special is the amount and variety of boat traffic, particularly the expensive yachts.

Haulover gets rough when an outgoing tide, at a speed of roughly 4 to 6 knots, is met by an incoming swell and/or onshore wind. Haulover inlet is the only inlet on the northern end of Biscayne Bay and therefore a lot of water needs to go through a narrow channel during tide changes. This rush of water creates a strong and fast current, but as strong as it is, the current dissipates not far from the inlet’s mouth. 


Is Haulvoer Inlet dangerous? No. The inlet is not anymore dangerous than any other inlet around the world. There can be at times a strong current but the current dissipates a few hundred yards straight out from the mouth of the inlet and dissipates almost immediately on the sides. It has been said that the heavy traffic is the most dangerous part of Haulover, while this seems to be case with so much traffic in a small area, accidents are extremely rare. I have been filming boats around Florida and Haulover for many years and incidents are extremally rare. The hype of Haulover Inlet being dangerous is sensationalism.