Best Haulover Yachts

I’ve been collecting and saving all the best yachts at Haulover over the month to include in this video. We got some great drone shots of a giant fish ball and tarpon attacking it too! This best yachts video was filmed over many weeks, and actually, while frustrating editing, gives a good idea of the changing ocean conditions at Haulover Inlet.

For this video, my “best yachts” is defined as:
1. Visually striking yacht.
2. Particularly good video quality.
3. From my personal favorite yacht builders (Pershing, Lazzara, Sunseeker)
4. Very expensive yachts. I’ve also included price estimates on many of the yachts.

These yacht prices are gathered from broker listing websites and the price range from the cheapest to the most expensive is what I publish. If a yacht is for sale, the price I display is the price at the time this video is published.


Yachts in this video:

00:08 Pardo 50
00:22 Magnum 50 KNOT STIRRED
00:37 Tecnomar 55 Evo
01:19 Lazzara LMY 64 LA CANOA
02:01 Azimut 25 Metri NOMAD
02:39 Conam 600 Sport SUN SEA MOON
03:07 Nemeteau Monte Carlo 5 S LJIII
03:18 Pershing 64 ICEMAN
03:30 Sea Ray Fly 520 LINDSEY MARIE
03:40 Sunseeker Manhattan 66 THE FINS
03:53 Schaefer 660 Fly
04:17 Pershing 88 JERICO
04:55 Sunseeker Predator 57 FIRE IT UP V
05:08 Galeon 40 Fly FOR PLAY
05:21 Pershing 90
05:47 Beneteau Monte Carlo 5 AQUA
06:19 Lazzara 76 CROWN JEWEL
06:40 Sea Ray Fly 520
07:19 Hatteras 80 Enclsoed Bridge FAMILY JEWEL
07:40 Hatteras 80 Open Bridge DADDY
08:19 Ocean Alexander OA 85 OCEAN ROSE
08:41 Sunseeker 95 Yacht MUSE
09:03 Pershing 64 LET IT RIDE
09:31 Lazzara 84 Open

Best Haulover Yachts